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Triskele Labs nominated as the ‘Best Security/Anti-Fraud Solution’ at the NORA Awards

Recognised for our commitment and efforts in the cybersecurity industry in Australia, Triskele Labs has been nominated for this year’s NORA Solution Partner Excellence Awards. Competing under the ‘Best Security/Anti-Fraud Solution’, the company is proud to be ranked among some of the best cybersecurity firms in the region.

Taking place on Wednesday, 30th October, at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney, the event celebrates the “behind-the-scenes heroes of Australian retail.” For Triskele Labs, this nomination is a reflection of our dedication to local retail businesses, who are in need of more robust security and defence solutions.

Continue reading this post for more on the NORA Awards and Triskele Labs’ groundbreaking cybersecurity solutions. 


Inaugurated in 2018, the NORA Awards attracted over 200 nominations from Solution Partner Businesses, drawing votes from over 2100 retailers in Australia and New Zealand, in an overwhelming show of supportPlacements for the ceremony were sold out and the event was a resounding success.

This year, entry to the awards is open to any solution partner servicing the Australian retail industry, across an array of categories, and for those who possess NORA membership. To ensure complete fairness, the NORA team uses an algorithm to ensure that all SMEs are given an equal chance of winning. 

At the event, 2 finalists and the winners for each category are announced and the event, itself, is an excellent opportunity for networking with other bona fide professionals belonging to the retail sector!


Given that we live and breathe cybersecurity, here at Triskele Labs, many of our solutions are geared towards preventing fraud within our clients’ operations. 

Phishing and social engineering can be quite problematic for businesses who don’t take the right precautions and are extremely common types of cybersecurity attacks. Here, hackers attempt to gain access to computer systems or confidential data by taking the guise of established organisations or reputed individuals, sometimes even those belonging to the very company an intended victim belongs to.

These are, arguably, some of the most threatening forms of fraud given the potential fallouts of a successful phishing/social engineering attack. 

To prevent this from taking place, we provide businesses with comprehensive anti-phishing training. This includes how to identify a threatening email and simulations of these types of attacks, helping employees prepare for various scenarios.

We’ve also developed our own in-house solution, PhishAway, which is an effective tool for simulated phishing. We provide this as a managed service - all our clients need to do is enter their email addresses; we take care of the rest. 

PhishAway provides all of the functionality you’d expect from an automated solution, including customised campaigns, unique URLs, and awareness training for potential targets at a fraction of the cost that’s normally levied. 

Our red team services are equally useful, given that they prepare companies for the threats of the real world. Here real attacks are simulated, testing how companies and their employees defend themselves against these attacks.

Using the results of these tests, we help businesses remain on the safe side and protect their data, systems, hardware, and related digital resources. Moreover, red teaming allows organisations to identify chinks in their armour and shore up their defences in particularly vulnerable areas.