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In-depth looks at who, why & how

When it comes to cyber security, knowing who you’re dealing with, why they might be doing it and what their motivations are gives incalculable insight into how to defend against them. 

We can tailor our Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) services to match those best suited to protect your business, meaning you get a bespoke offering of the information you need to defend against and even pre-empt attacks. 

By analysing Threat Actors and their tactics, we can not only build defences to counter their actions, we can help coordinate those defences and ward off other strategies they’re likely to use. 

We can also deep-dive into other potential threats that haven’t been considered, use our extensive networks to find out the kinds of attacks similar companies have experienced, carry out war-game scenarios and shore up your defences before the attacks are able to take place. 

Coordinated, adaptable and affordable

Choose from highly specialised services – usually reserved for high-end clients at other security firms – that provide you with greater levels of protection
and data security.

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    Compliments all security measures
    Cyber Threat Intelligence acts as a lynchpin between Offensive and Defensive teams, complementing and providing insights to both, while enhancing the scope and understanding of Incident Response engagements.
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    Scalable and adaptable
    Once considered a luxury few could afford, we provide CTI at an affordable and bespoke scale, letting businesses choose the level of service that suits them and their budget.
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    Better understanding, greater protection
    By understanding the context of attacks and how they translate into real world Threat Actor tactics, we can provide better levels of protection and defence.

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Richard Grainger

Level 3 Security Analyst & Global
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Knowing the Triskele Labs team are monitoring other customers in our industry, along with several others, gives us the confidence they are up to date with the latest tactics and deploying detections to protect us from emerging threats.
Kamran Channa
Chief Information Officer – Latrobe Health Services

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