Risk Management

Make sure you’re covered by understanding the Cyber Security risks specific to your organisation.

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Understand your risk

Understanding the risks relevant to your organisation is critical when it comes to Cyber Security. It ensures your bases are covered and that you are focused on the right risks. It also means you won’t be spending time and resources on controls that are unlikely to impact your systems in your industry. 



Why use us for Risk Management?

Cyber Security risks are different for every organisation and industry. A risk assessment is an inexpensive starting point to address yours.

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    Thorough analysis
    We go through your whole organisation from ‘boardroom to basement’ to see how your cyber hygiene stacks up.
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    Save time and resources
    We make sure you’re implementing controls for risks that are real – not just perceived - for your organisation.
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    Third-party assessments
    We assess your third-party systems to ensure their controls are as good as yours - if not better.

Our Risk Management Solutions

We carry out internal risk assessments covering your whole organisation, as well as third-party risk assessments to look under the bonnet of your suppliers’ systems.

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Internal Risk Assessments

An internal Cyber Security risk assessment is imperative for every organisation (large or small) that holds data - which is practically all businesses today. An internal risk assessment is an inexpensive way to find out where your risk lies, so that you are then able to implement controls that are based on actual risks, rather than perceived ones.

We will also make sure you choose the right tools for your organisation, industry and the task at hand. We select the appropriate framework to carry out a risk assessment and assess your organisation “from boardroom to basement”. This means we examine everything from policies to processes and procedures to ensure they are effectively implemented within your organisation. The report will include findings, impacts and recommendations. This information allows you to act on immediate risks but is also needed when creating a Cyber Security strategy and roadmap. 

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Third-Party Risk Assessments

Third-party systems are often the lifeblood of organisations - think eDM platforms, loyalty programmes, e-commerce capability and more. These systems enable your business to thrive, but have their creators taken the steps to ensure your data - and your customers' data - is safe? Are they really as secure as they claim they are? Are their security controls at least as good as yours, if not better?

As more third-party service providers gain access to sensitive data, third-party attacks (also called supply chain attacks) are an increasing phenomenon. Any breach in their security can compromise your customers’ data and your organisation’s reputation. We carry out risk assessments on behalf of our customers to check that third-party suppliers have the right Cyber Security controls in place. 

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