Penetration Testing

Finding weak points in your system before the attackers do.

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Find weaknesses before the attackers do

The best way to ensure your systems and networks are impenetrable is by simulating a cyberattack. This is penetration testing, and it is critical for all organisations today.

Our goal is to find any weak points in your organisation’s systems before the attackers do, whether they’re in your mobile apps, networks, hardware or anywhere in between.

At Triskele Labs our entire approach to penetration testing has been built around customer experience and quality of service.

The Triskele Difference_

What to expect when you do Penetration Testing with us

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    Guaranteed team in Five Eyes English speaking countries (Australia, UK and US).
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    All projects scoped by a Senior member of the Offensive team.
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    Reports guaranteed within 10 business days of testing ending.
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    Online portal to view your findings in real-time.
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    Complimentary re-testing within a 30-day window.
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    Complimentary Executive Report to provide to your customers.

Our Penetration Testing Services

We penetration test a wide range of systems from external networks to mobile apps and beyond.

Web Applications
Mobile Applications
Internal Networks
External Networks
Wireless Networks
Hardware and IoT
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Web Applications 

Whether you are engaging us to test a newly released web application, or simply wanting routine annual penetration testing as part of best practice (or as part of compliance), we offer some of the most advanced certifications for web application testing, including OSCP, OSWE, OSCE and more.

Our specialists draw on a comprehensive framework utilising, the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) – leveraging public, and our own Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) - many of which are unique findings from the sheer number of applications we’ve tested.

Critically, we are accredited by CREST International, a “best-in-class” certification - a testament to our technical competency and professionalism.

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Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are inherently insecure, simply because they haven’t been around as long as other platforms such as Web Applications. Security can also be a low priority in the development process (compared with, say, usability).

With specialised mobile application security experts on our team, we test mobile apps for banking, government, retail and more, making sure their integrity cannot be compromised.

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Internal Networks

It’s one thing to have a hard external shell to your network - but it’s just as important to have a bulletproof internal network.

If an attacker gets through the external network or into your internal network through social engineering, you don’t want to make it easy for them to move laterally inside your network, access your sensitive information, cause havoc, or even embed themselves quietly within your systems without your knowledge. Likewise, you don’t want attackers, should they infiltrate your company, to be able to easily escalate their permission levels and be free to roam your network.

Penetration testing of internal networks is critical for all organisations and will reveal the missing patches and other vulnerabilities before they’re found by the wrong person. We can do this remotely by sending you a device that you connect to your internal network for us - or we will come to your premises in person to test your networks onsite.

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External Networks

A hard outside shell on your network is your first line of defense, and its strength can be gauged with external network penetration testing.

We’ll be armed with your organisation’s IP address range and URLs to ensure we are testing the whole external attack surface of your organisation.

During the penetration testing we will test for everything from missing patches on servers, through to known vulnerabilities in your VPN and everything in between.

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Wireless Networks

Wireless networks are inherently insecure by nature as they leak outside your premises, providing the opportunity for anybody to connect to them if they are in range. Even if you have a password, or require your users to log in with their username and password, the network can still be breached.

We bring our team onto your premises to test the configuration of your wireless network and ensure the right controls are enabled. This is especially important as attackers with a long-range antenna can pick up your network from miles away.

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Hardware and IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) devices are incredibly exciting, but also a prime candidate for attack. There are now countless objects from alarm panels to refrigerators and elevators that are “smart”, meaning they’ve been equipped with sensors that connect to your network.

You patch and support your systems, but have you ever considered your IoT devices that cause an attack vector into your network? If attackers can compromise even the most basic of sensors or devices, they may be able to get access to the whole network to gather data - or in the case of something like autonomous trucks in mining, cause complete mayhem onsite.

We test critical hardware items for vulnerabilities, from alarm panels on buildings through to airport ground lighting systems.

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Our Penetration Testing Experts

Sal Unwin

Chief Commercial Officer

Jack Rutherford

Principal Offensive Consultant
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When we needed Penetration Testing, we were referred to Triskele Labs by another retailer who had worked with them in the past. From the first moment, the team understood our needs and made us feel like nothing was too hard, and answered all the questions we had with the utmost professionalism.
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Projects & Applications Manager – Godfreys

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