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Don't leave things to chance

Do you truly know where the vulnerabilities are within your systems and how a targeted attack could gain access to your systems and information?

You probably feel confident because you undertake annual Penetration Testing. But what about when an attacker makes a decision to focus on your company and utilises every tool at their disposal to gain access, not just focusing on a specific scope like Penetration Testing? Don’t leave it to chance.

Challenge our team of professional ethical hackers to simulate a real-world attack, using the exact same Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) a Threat Actor would. See how an attacker could get access to your Domain Controllers within 3 days, all starting with a simple phishing email.

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Why use our Red Teaming and Attack Simulation services?

Attack simulation is the best way to test your defences, and Triskele Labs is one of the best in Australia.

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    Cutting edge
    We always keep up with the latest developments so we can use the same cutting-edge tactics, techniques and procedures that real attackers are using.
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    Wide scope
    Compared with penetration testing, Red Teaming casts a wide net and attacks in places you may not expect.
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    Dedicated ethical hackers
    We have a team of dedicated ethical hackers, completely separate from other Triskele Labs teams – just like real hackers.

Red Teaming & Attack Simulation Services

Red Teaming
Adversary Simulation
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Red Teaming 

When you engage us to do Red Teaming, our highly qualified and experienced team assesses your entire organisation for the most effective method of compromise. Red Teaming aims to identify the weakest spot in your defences – including technical and physical aspects as well as people.  

Unlike other offensive tactics, Red Teaming is not limited by a restricted scope, but rather, will undertake activities such as physical exploitation and device implants, intelligence-led social engineering and spear phishing, as well as technical exploitation to compromise an organisation and obtain pre-defined objectives – the organisation’s crown jewels. This will all be undertaken in such a way where detection is avoided at all costs and is designed to test the effectiveness of your defences to detect sophisticated threats on a corporate network. Essentially, Red Teaming sets a baseline for you to understand your level of exposure and how your controls would stack up against a targeted attack. 

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Adversary Simulation and Intelligence-led Testing 

Adversary Simulation and Intelligence-led Testing assesses who the most likely adversaries of an organisation may be. This approach utilises our dedicated Threat Intelligence team to assess threat groups of all levels – be they script kiddies looking to gain clout, criminal organisations working for financial gain or Advanced Persistent Threat (APTs) groups seeking silent persistence in your network, either for financial gain or political exposure. 

Triskele Labs will identify the most appropriate threat actors and study the techniques which the actors are known to employ. We then emulate these techniques against your network to understand how prepared you are to defend yourself against these attacks. Like Red Teaming, this will all be undertaken in such a way that detection is avoided at all costs and is designed to test the effectiveness of your security controls to detect sophisticated threats on a corporate network. Triskele Labs will then work with you to provide recommendations to improve your security posture.

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Our Process

At Triskele Labs, we follow the well-known Mitre ATT&CK Framework when it comes to Red Teaming and Attack Simulation.

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    Reconnaissance and OSINT
    Plain web, deep web and dark web search activities to discover sensitive information pertaining to an organisation.
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    Resource Development
    Building dedicated infrastructure to support the engagement.
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    Initial Access
    Social engineering, physical access, or technical exploitation to gain a foothold on a network.
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    Execution and Persistence
    Establishing command and control to maintain access to the network over a long period of time.
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    Lateral Movements and Privilege
    Escalation Slowly moving through the network laterally and looking for opportunities to gain higher permissions for access to sensitive information.
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    Once the crown jewels are identified and discovered, exfiltrate this information in such a way that it goes unnoticed by the organisation.
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    Dedicated ethical hackers
    We have a team of dedicated ethical hackers, completely separate from other Triskele Labs teams – just like real hackers.













Our Red Teaming Experts

Sal Unwin

Chief Commercial Officer

Jack Rutherford

Principal Offensive Consultant
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When we needed an expert cyber team the most, Triskele Labs were there to help us. Nothing has been too much for the team and they have explained the most complex cyber terms in a simple to understand manner.
Khoi Cao-Lam
Director Capability and Impact – Oxfam Australia

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