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It all starts with a good strategy

The starting point with Cyber Security is putting a good strategy in place – and then ensuring it is executed.

At Triskele Labs, we help companies understand the current level of risk and the controls required to bring Cyber Security up to an adequate level, based on your risk, industry and budget – and we help you achieve this.

Where possible, we utilise the controls you already have in place and the tools you have already invested in, meaning you don't have to start from scratch. 

The benefits of Cyber Governance

Investing in cyber governance is in your organisation’s best interest – let us get you ahead of the game.

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    Full visibility
    We give you a clear picture of your Cyber Security hygiene strategy - including the ‘why’ and the approach for keeping your systems safe.
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    Right for you
    We ensure your controls are right-sized, risk-based and risk-considered based on your unique situation and industry.
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    Future proof
    We sure your controls and strategy stand up to current and emerging threats.

Cyber Governance Solutions

Whether you’re after a security strategy, roadmap, executive report or review, we’re here to help.

Security Strategy
Security Roadmap
Executive Reporting
Critical Infrastructure Reviews
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Security Strategy  

A security strategy is the ultimate overview and improvement plan that will allow you to gauge how your organisation is tracking in today's ever-changing Cyber Security landscape - and the uplifts required to achieve your business goals. 

Using the appropriate framework (such as the NIST Cyber Security Framework, ISO27001, CPS234 to name a few), we look at the maturity of your Cyber Security ecosystem, and its alignment with good industry practice. 

Our comprehensive assessment and developed strategy will cover how you’re tracking, any current and emerging threats, what you need to implement, how to go about doing this and the costs involved. It’s the first step when you’re considering expanding your investment in Cyber Security. It gives stakeholders a clear picture of Cyber Security management within your organisation to ensure you are implementing controls based on actual risks, rather than perceived ones.

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Security Roadmap 

We develop a comprehensive 3-year roadmap that will support your Cyber Security strategy. The roadmap gives your executives continual oversight of the maturation of your Cyber Security, on a month-by-month basis. This ties in directly with your cyber strategy, to ensure you are continually improving.

Examples of projects or actions on the roadmap could include policy development, regular penetration testing and - in the case of organisations that fall under regulations such as CPS234 - any mandatory compliance requirements.   

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Executive Reporting 

Because those in governance positions are increasingly becoming personally liable for Cyber Security, all organisations should be reporting to the executive on a quarterly basis as a minimum (and this is mandatory for customers that need to comply with CPS 234). But where do you even begin with developing these reports? Which metrics are important? We can help you develop KPIs and areas of focus for Cyber Security and develop a template for reporting.

Alternatively, we can take away the pain completely and develop the executive reports ourselves on a regular basis, either for you to present, or if preferred we can present straight to the board on your behalf - where they’ll get the added bonus of hearing our insights into new developments or threats in Cyber Security.  

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Critical Infrastructure Reviews  

The Security Legislation Amendment (Critical Infrastructure Bill) 2020 is coming. This legislation will change the Government’s security expectations of certain industries, many of which have been unregulated when it comes to Cyber Security so far. It newly classifies these industries as critical infrastructure, which means that if they’re impacted by a cyber breach, they could impact national security.

The legislation shifts responsibility to executives and the board, who will be personally liable for a Cyber Security breach - unless they’ve taken all the right steps in terms of Cyber Security improvements to protect the organisation and monitoring. We can assist your organisation to understand what your current controls are, suggest areas for improvement, and more importantly, implement these to reduce risk across the business. We are a team that builds trusted partnerships based on doing, not just auditing. 


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