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Database Consultants Australia

  • Icons_TL_Problem
    DCA deals with large amounts of confidential data which includes personal information. As their business and footprint grew, so did their potential for being a target for Threat Actors. Smaller-scale solutions like anti-virus software would not offer sufficient protection.
  • Icons_TL_Solution
    24x7x365 behaviour-based monitoring through the Triskele Labs Security Operations Centre (SOC). Triskele Labs monitors all behaviours on the network, flagging and escalating behaviour that doesn’t fit the baseline as needed.
  • Icons_TL_Results
    The Triskele Labs SOC provides DCA with better visibility of its network, and better protection. DCA have visibility over issues they never had the resources to examine previously. What’s more, it is much more difficult for a Threat Actor to duplicate the baseline level of behaviour, that is unique to DCA in this independently monitored environment.
Triskele Labs understood us, knew what the hot spots were, and knew they could deliver on dealing with those.
Steve Toal, Director
Database Consultants Australia
Signature-based tools like antivirus aren’t enough for a company of our size. The SOC is the next level up.
Steve Toal, Director
Database Consultants Australia
Triskele Labs are highly responsive; they engage quickly and they maintain focus until issues are resolved.
Steve Toal, Director
Database Consultants Australia

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