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We're here when you need us most

Unfortunately, cyber security attacks happen all the time, which is why we’re always watching. If a Threat Actor does manage to get through your security, we’re ready to respond instantly.  

We’ll form an immediate Major Incident Response (MIR) team, led by one of our Executives. Our teams will be immediately deployed to contain the incident, mitigate any potential damage and identify exactly what happened, all while keeping you informed every step of the way. 

Once the issue is fixed, we have our in-house Cyber Threat Intelligence team, who will dive into who attacked you, how to best protect your systems from future attacks, implement defences to prevent attacks from affiliates of the Threat Actor, and identify ways to ensure there are no nasty cyber insurance surprises.

Incident Response you can count on

When a major Cyber Security incident strikes, you can rely on Triskele Labs to identify the issue, contain it, eradicate the intrusion and get you back online fast.

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    Our team is ready 24x7x365 to form an immediate Major Incident Response team to defend your system, data and business.
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    We’ll deploy all our tools at our disposal to find the attacker and contain them.
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    We’ll examine the attack and impact, advising you on the best way to get back online and prevent similar incidents in the future.

Your levels of protection and response

Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) provides you with multiple layers of protection and dedicated teams who can respond quickly to any attacks.

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Threat Intelligence
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Level 1

The first line of defence, our Level 1 team of highly trained experts monitor your systems 24x7x365, watching for any possible attacks or intrusions.  

When they spot something suspicious, they can respond instantly and conduct initial triage. If they confirm your system is under attack, they will use their expertise to halt the attacker in their tracks, defending your systems and data.

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Level 2

If an attack is more sophisticated, our Level 1 team can call in the big guns. 

Our Level 2 teams have seen and dealt with all manners of cyber-attacks. With their considerable experience, our Level 2s can support Level 1 when they need it, help discover what’s happened and get your systems back online and secure as quickly as possible if they have been compromised.

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Level 3

With unrivalled experience, our Level 3 team offer an extra layer of support to Level 2 if they need it, can coordinate Incident Response, or begin to identify malicious behaviour that isn’t recognised by security tools.  

With a multi-level team, we’re able to not only monitor your systems, but also provide fresh eyes to developing problems and a wealth of knowledge and experience that enhances the protection provided to your business. 

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Threat Intelligence

Our Cyber Threat Intelligence team truly sets us apart. Usually reserved for big cyber security firms, Threat Intelligence allows us to quickly coordinate responses, gives better understanding to the mindset of attacker, and provides a playbook for the tactics of specific or similar Threat Actors.  

It also gives us insight into the new types of attacks that may be coming, allowing us to shore up your defences before they’re tested. 

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Our Incident Response Experts

Brad Morgan

SOC Manager

Rob Barry

Chief Operations Officer

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Craig Martin

Incident Response Manager
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It gives me great confidence partnering with Triskele Labs for our SOC/SIEM. Their team of highly qualified experts bring an essential capability to our organisation, that we rely upon 24/7. Their ability to work collaboratively with us on continuous improvement including through the regular service delivery meetings is a key element of our Cyber Security plan.
Frances Waterford
Chief Information Officer – Cancer Council NSW
With the Triskele Labs SOC monitoring the network 24x7x365, my team can focus on the strategic things we need to do, knowing Triskele Labs are looking after the day to day operational and tactical requirements that Cyber Security entails.
Enrico C.
Manager - Cyber & Data – Peoplecare

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