Cyber Operation Resilience Intelligence-led Exercises (CORIE) are now a regulated reality for financial institutions. Are your systems ready?

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We can help you be CORIE prepared

Australia’s Council of Financial Regulators (CFR) developed the Cyber Operational Resilience Intelligence-led Exercises (CORIE) to help prepare and protect Australian financial services. 

By using an independent entity that mimics the tactics, techniques and procedures of Threat Actors, CORIE can uncover system weaknesses and vulnerabilities that may not have been anticipated internally. 

CORIE will become the regulatory standard for financial providers, and possibly even other sectors in the future.  

Triskele Labs is a certified and accredited provider of CORIE testing services, with its own internal Cyber Threat Intelligence department. We can help guide you through the requirements and ensure you’re ready for CORIE.

What does CORIE test?

Unlike traditional Red Teaming or Penetration Testing, CORIE dives deeper into your cyber security protection system.

Measures Resiliency
Simulates Attacks
Provides In-depth Reports
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Measures Resiliency

CORIE testing gives regulators and financial service providers a greater understanding of resiliency in the company and the sector, providing information on the ability to detect, respond and recover from cyber attacks.

TL_CORIE_Simulates attacks

Simulates Attacks

Triskele Labs uses the latest Cyber Threat Intelligence to simulate the subtle attack methods Threat Actors are currently employing. By mimicking these ‘quieter’ methods, a greater number of potential gaps in security can be identified.

TL_CORIE_Provides in-depth reports

Provides In-depth Reports

With the extra time taken, we can get a greater understanding of the vulnerabilities in a security system. Detailed reports define necessary fixes to implement and resolve these issues, with continuous testing to ensure the gaps have been filled.

Be ahead of the curve

CORIE is coming, and will be a regulated requirement for financial service providers, like banks, as well as other potential sectors. By preparing now, you’ll be ready for the future and provide greater security to your business. Are you ready to chat to a CORIE expert?













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Chief Commercial Officer

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Chief Technical Officer
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