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Triskele Labs ISO27001

Without knowing it, ISO27001 is the backbone of almost all cybersecurity. The quintessential approach of people, process and technology was born out of this framework which I like to refer to as the grandfather of cybersecurity frameworks.

Yes, others have come, such as NIST, but there is still nothing as comprehensive and demanding as ISO27001. To add to that, you can certify with ISO27001 and you have an awesome framework. As a leading cybersecurity company, we undertake a lot of advisory on ISO27001, have built countless Information Security Management Systems and worked with certification bodies to certify even more.

In 2018, we embarked on a journey to become ISO27001 compliant ourselves to provide assurance to our customers that we implement the same level of security controls we advise on. It was with great pleasure that in late 2018, Triskele Labs became ISO27001 certified. This journey was very welcome and provides comfort that our processes (including SOC) comply with the grandfather of cybersecurity controls. Now, onto ISO9001 and ISO20000! For more information, download our ISO27001 Certificate here.