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Ransomware attack vectors: more sophisticated than you think

The common stereotype of a ransomware attacker is a single person in a darkened room, trying everything they can to get into your system. When you think about ransomware like that, it’s easy to lull yourself into a false sense of security. After all, how much damage could some random teenager do to your business? 

But this false sense of security is just that: false. The reality is that ransomware attack vectors are a lot more complicated – not to mention sophisticated – than the conventional wisdom of one person in a darkened room.  

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Complex teams

A ransomware attack is almost never just one person. Rather, ransomware attacks will be complex teams, distributed all over the world.

These teams roughly break down into two groups. The first group look for ways in to your system – in other words, the ransomware attack vectors. This is where the stereotype comes from, as this is the “grunt” work of a ransomware attack.

The second group exploit the vulnerability once the first group find it. These people are much more sophisticated, and look more like a corporate software development team than a group of criminals (although make no mistake – they are criminals).

This division of labour means that everyone is highly specialised. When you finally learn about a ransomware attacker, that person is usually highly experienced, and has pulled of many ransomware attacks – not just breaches, but full-blown locking down of victims’ systems and successful extortion of a ransom payment.


Defending against these teams

These teams are so skilled, that the best way to defend against them is to keep them from getting in in the first place. To read more about why this is the case (including an introduction to ransomware-as-a-service), and learn about three more common ransomware myths, download our guide: Four ransomware myths that you need to stop believing.

It’s the best first step you can take towards adequately protecting yourself from these sophisticated ransomware attack teams.


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