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Managed security service providers: The first line of defence for organisations in 2020

It’s no secret that plenty of organisations today are being overloaded by the enormous task that is maintaining robust cybersecurity. At a time when the fallouts of security breaches are potentially career-ending, organisations are turning to managed security service providers (MSSP) to secure their critical assets and data. 

In comparison to regular security service providers, managed security service providers create tailor-made cybersecurity programmes, specific to each organisation. They bring with them a greater cross-industry knowledge base, which is vital to how they approach enterprise security. 

Now more than ever, managed security service providers are becoming crucial if you’re running complex operations or don’t have a robust cybersecurity policy in place for your organisation. 

Unmatched cybersecurity compliance support

Cybersecurity doesn’t just mean having the right technology; there is an underlying connection between technology, the people, and the processes involved. 

Weak processes make you vulnerable to attacks. To get work done in a way that doesn’t make you vulnerable to external attacks, you require the unmatched security expertise of managed security service providers

Most organisations face issues in applying security standards in a way that’s meaningful to their line of work. This is because security controls and compliance policies are complicated and tend to be hard to digest.

This is where the expertise of a managed security service provider becomes an asset for the organisation. Quality MSSPs don’t just provide compliance support, but also customise your cybersecurity programme based on specific industry requirements. 

Skilled MSSPs bridge the technological divide

Companies tend to use more than one solution to ensure greater cybersecurity. Often, these solutions face integration difficulties making the whole process more complex and tech-heavy than many would prefer.

Managed security service providers bring with them a superior line of protection with a set of integrated technical solutions that are crucial to running smooth cybersecurity operations and checks.

Managed security service providers also execute state-of-the-art security solutions, which have a proven track record for protecting company operations. Moreover, the services provided by MSSPs continue to evolve, making them a reliable source of skill and support when it comes to cybersecurity management. 

Outsourcing and cost-cutting

Construction and the maintenance of new security systems can be a costly endeavour. Stand-alone services come with the added cost of hardware specialisations, requiring various equipment to run the processes that are required for your cybersecurity needs. 

Partnering with a managed security service provider eliminates the costs involved in purchasing new hardware, which would be necessary to build new security infrastructure for the organisation. 

In comparison to this costly investment towards a stand-alone solution, MSSPs provide 24/7 support and assistance in addition to exceptional delivery as per international cybersecurity standards. 

Managed security service providers also generate savings in terms of training staff or hiring new staff to meet existing cybersecurity needs. The more complex issues can safely be left in the hands of the MSSP, who will tackle these challenges in a fraction of the time.

MSSPs support business growth 

Today, there is more pressure on companies to ensure their security systems and protocols are advanced enough to stem the almost relentless flow of attacks - especially against smaller businesses.

The trouble with in-house cybersecurity solutions is that employee resources and time is invested in figuring out complicated security technicalities when their time would be better spent on other parts of the business. 

Security teams in smaller businesses tend to make the mistake of disengaging from actual business needs and waste plenty of time and resources on testing out the latest tech - even if it’s not strictly necessary for their operations. 

By seeking the support of managed security service providers, you eliminate the trial and error - and the cost - inherent to security testing and cybersecurity strategy execution.

Managed security service providers: Your guide to the future of cybersecurity

Managed security service providers are increasingly being recognised for the value they bring to cybersecurity operations. They provide incisive expertise on the latest trends. Now, you can even leverage cybersecurity automation via a managed security service provider.

To find out more about how an MSSP can support your security posture, get in touch with our team at Triskele Labs today.