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It's the most vulnerable time of the year - prioritising cyber safety

The holidays are just around the corner. Given that Christmas will be a different affair this year, many of us are focussing on taking all kinds of precautions against COVID-19. What about business cybersecurity, though?

For those in the industry, Christmas can be a very stressful time. So many people turn to online shopping and other platforms to keep in touch with their loved ones across the distance. 

In this era of social distancing, it can be a trying time for security experts to focus on securing environments that are increasingly insecure. 

Compared to other times of the year, Christmas also requires more preparation when it comes to cybersecurity. We have already seen a spike in the number of people looking for online services during this time of the year. Businesses will need to double down on their efforts to ensure their cyber safety amid celebrations. 

During this season, we need to take a fresh look at cybersecurity to ensure the safety of our networks, systems, and data. We also need to do our due diligence to safeguard our businesses, stakeholders, customers, and the bottom line from threat actors. 

This Christmas, here’s what you can do to be extra vigilant about your cyber safety!

Data safety is the Christmas bonus you need 

When we’re doubling up our security efforts this season, we must keep enterprise data at the heart of our efforts. This is something that every CISO will stand by. 

To begin with, define data sensitivity as the data that would have the most impact if it was stolen. Take an inventory of your business’ core assets and sensitive data. Identify where your business information is stored and who has access to it. This includes intellectual property such as PII for employees and customers.

Next, identify and rank data according to sensitivity for risk prioritisation. This will help you allocate the time, manpower, and resources to what’s most important. This type of high-level data analysis must be a priority for your company this Christmas (in addition to Secret Santa, of course)!

Engage your workforce for (Christmas) cybersecurity cheer

When it comes to cybersecurity, the unspoken rule is people, processes, technology. 

The majority of cyber solutions require cultural change. At this time of the year, when most of your employees may be working remotely, give them a quick refresher on seasonal security awareness training.

This will help you ensure a cyber-aware culture across your organisation. You also empower your employees to take control of cyber threats that can occur as a result of oversight or negligence. 

Train your employees to make the right decisions to protect themselves, your systems, and your data against cyber threats!

Involve the right stakeholders

Cyber expertise and robust IT security tools are critical for cyber safety. 

Unfortunately, your IT security team cannot manage this threat alone. As a tech leader, you may know the ins and outs of specific security controls. You cannot, however, assume the same level of understanding and interest among your stakeholders.

The success of your cybersecurity programme will depend, in part, on how much these stakeholders buy-in to this process.

So, document your cybersecurity strategy and create a roadmap to demonstrate risks and the need for risk management. Help your stakeholders understand what is required to develop your cyber safety and what is needed and when it needs to be done. 

This is the type of understanding that will support expanded investment in cybersecurity during the Christmas season!

Up your pace to ensure optimum cyber safety for your company this joyous season

Any business needs to ensure its cyber safety at all times. It is an ongoing process. The reality is that cyberattacks tend to peak around holidays and this Christmas, you will need to be extra cautious than ever before owing to the vulnerabilities created by COVID-19. 

Get in touch with our team at Triskele Labs and find out how you can prioritise cyber safety across all your business operations today. Be prepared for any cyber risks and embrace the spirit of Christmas without any worry.