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How to choose the right cybersecurity consultant

While you may not have realised it, a cybersecurity consultant is someone who wields a large degree of power within your organisation. If your team does not have the knowledge or competency to ward off sophisticated cyber attacks, cybersecurity consultants can be a godsend.

That being said, the key to enjoying comprehensive and effective protection lies in finding and collaborating innovatively and meaningfully with the right security partner. Over the last five years, cybersecurity jobs in Australia increased by 16.9%.

In this environment, how can you make a decision that will benefit your organisation and help you grow without cyber threats looming large?


They say experience is the best teacher and in the security industry this can’t be truer. Cybersecurity consultants learn on the job - they deal with new threats, new risks and vulnerabilities and expand their knowledge through practice. 

When you’re looking for a security partner, find someone who can help your company evolve without having to constantly look over your shoulder, in fear of damaging attacks. Have a candid discussion with your chosen consultant about how long they’ve been in business, what kind of attacks they’ve dealt with and their success in doing so.


As highlighted in the recent Forrester report on cybersecurity consultants in the Asia Pacific region, it’s crucial to work together with a partner who adopts a collaborative approach; a person or a team that helps you achieve your strategic vision and expand your operations without hindering you with rigid policies or systems.

All of this rests, therefore, on a consultant who’s willing to engage with you and propels your vision, instead of just accommodating it.


Another aspect you need to look at, in this process, is a partner who offers customised solutions, tailor-made for your organisation, instead of default applications and systems that offer rudimentary protection at best. 

Every company requires a special approach to cybersecurity. Depending on the nature and scale of their operations, the kind of daily activities they do, and how much they operate in the online world, security solutions need to correspond perfectly to these unique factors.

Before you bring a cybersecurity consultant on board, make sure you discuss their approach to your specific cybersecurity needs, risks, and vulnerabilities. At the first sign of a one-size-fits-all approach, walk away.


While qualifications may sometimes be an unreliable indicator of the quality of service you receive, in the cybersecurity industry, it can be very telling about how much you can trust your service provider.

While there are numerous certifications used to verify the knowledge and skill of cybersecurity service providers, CREST is one of the leading testing standards for the industry. For cybersecurity companies, a CREST certification can be painstakingly gained following a hierarchy of examinations. Once this certification is received, it remains valid only for three years. 

According to the CREST website, the certification is one that’s widely regarded within the information security testing profession.

Apart from this, however, there are a number of other qualifications and certifications that are relevant for service providers. Inquire about these and look into them to understand what they mean in terms of the quality of service you’ll be receiving.


Choosing a cybersecurity consultant may not be as easy as you’re hoping but by considering the right factors, you can ensure that this process is less complicated than you expect. 

By factoring all the points we’ve set out above, you can make decisions that help you execute a cybersecurity strategy that doesn’t fail. At Triskele Labs, our team is not only CREST-certified but we also specialise in customised security services, including 24x7x365 operations monitoring.

Help your organisation reach the zenith with a cybersecurity consultant team that allows you to expand, innovate, and grow without the worry of cyber threats or vulnerabilities