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How ransomware attacks became the biggest driving force behind healthcare cyber security breaches

Cyber security risks for businesses will continue to be a huge challenge in 2022. As a combination of technological developments and external factors change the way businesses operate, the new status quo for operations will raise questions about the state of security infrastructure and the challenges facing businesses in the future.

However, understanding the challenges in cyber security for businesses within the coming year can help adjust security strategies to tackle these problems successfully. 

Taking a look at the cyber security risks for businesses in 2022 

As we head into 2022, it is important to be informed and updated on techniques that hackers may use to undermine cyber security infrastructure. 

Here are some factors you would need to keep an eye on.

Double extortion ransomware attacks will grow

Ransomware attacks have been growing in frequency over the past few years. In 2022, we are going to see double extortion ransomware attacks rise. 

A ransomware attack occurs when hackers steal data from an organisation and then use the data to extort the company for payment. Double extortion builds on this attack by threatening to release the data online if additional payment is not made. 

To prevent future double extortion ransomware attacks, you need to invest in VPN and real-time protection software. 

Phishing threats will continue to grow

Phishing attacks will become one of the top cyber security risks for businesses in 2022. This type of cyberattack is the preferred choice amongst hackers because they have proven to be very effective. While most employees find it difficult to pick up the subtle signs of a phishing email, hackers are devising ways to create messages that are even harder to detect, for example, making the messaging more natural and organic.

The best way to guard against phishing attacks is to host regular phishing training sessions and run simulation awareness programs to guard against cyberattacks. 

Password security is becoming a major concern

Password security will become a significant point of contention in 2022. Accounts in work-related apps are now accessible on multiple devices; while this makes work more accessible, it does lead to security concerns. For example, users have to use the same password to access the account, meaning a poorly constructed password can compromise account security. Over 80% of data breaches are a result of poorly thought out passwords.  

To beef up cyber security in this area, consider adopting a password manager. Alternatively, you could have strict requirements about the type of passwords used or mandate when and on what device work apps can be accessed. 

Remote desktop software will face more cyberattacks

Organisations are allowing employees to work from home permanently. This prompts a growing concern about the security surrounding remote desktop software (RDP). A report from Kaspersky revealed that the number of brute-force attacks on RDP software has increased since March 2020. 

Furthermore, RDP software has well-known vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit. For example, Microsoft RDP has two major vulnerabilities—BlueKeep and DejaBlue. 

IoT will be a prime target for cyberattacks

Several industries, such as healthcare, are incorporating IoT devices into regular operations, prompting concern about their security capabilities. Computing devices embedded into IoT products can send data over the internet, posing a significant security threat to medical organisations and other organisations in different industries. 

As businesses adopt IoT technology in 2022, they will need to invest in cyber security mechanisms that protect their data. 

Prepare for the most significant threats of 2022 with Triskele Labs

Cyber security will continue to play a critical role in mitigating cyber threats. It should be noted, however, that securing remote devices at the edge of your cyber security infrastructure would take priority over other forms of cyber security due to the growing influence of IoT and remote working. 

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