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How can cybersecurity companies in Australia help you stay ahead of cyber threats?

With modern cyber threats evolving at breathtaking speed in the security landscape, businesses need to commit to an active and responsive cybersecurity strategy. 

Despite the importance of a robust security posture, however, it’s not surprising that companies find it hard to keep pace with the best practices, regulations, and standards they need to follow.

It’s especially unrealistic to expect small to medium-sized businesses to have the know-how and resources to stay on top of their security. This, unfortunately, is the very same reason cybercriminals target businesses of this nature—it’s significantly easier and less costly to do so.

The good news is that cybersecurity companies in Australia are doing tremendous work helping companies of every size across every industry meet the threats of the new normal.

With the landscape further weakened by the disruption caused by the pandemic, businesses, even smaller ones, can’t afford to take a laissez-faire approach to their security.

Here’s how cybersecurity companies in Australia can help organisations shield their operations from modern risks.

Create a customised incident response plan

Preventive security is a major part of the support businesses can anticipate when they procure cybersecurity services. 

Nonetheless, knowing how to respond to a security incident and take the right measures, post-attack, can help you secure your assets and data even if you’ve experienced a successful breach.

This includes creating a framework, assigning key roles and responsibilities to your team in the event of a breach, and even establishing a clear chain of command and a media communication plan if you work with external stakeholders.

By understanding the specific processes, touchpoints, and data that form the foundation of your organisation, cybersecurity companies in Australia can come up with a plan that helps you respond promptly and effectively and prevent additional fallouts if one of your systems have been compromised.

Conduct periodic and comprehensive security assessments

Another advantage of working with external security service providers is keeping your systems and devices secure—and risk and vulnerability-free—through end-to-end security audits.

Instead of an internal assessment that may be mired by internal biases and blind spots, you can work with the experts at least once a year to review your entire ecosystem. Here, they not only scan but also test and evaluate your security from various attack angles—which is also known as white hat hacking (external malicious hackers) or red team assessments. 

Cybersecurity companies also specialise in specific compliance assessments depending on which standards your team follows. These include FERPA, HIPAA, and PCI DSS audits, as well as those across other leading cybersecurity frameworks. 

Given that security best practices, compliance standards and even the cyber threats we grapple with are changing constantly, experts come armed with the latest tools, technical skills and methodologies to scan your systems and ensure you’re operating securely. 

24x7x365 security surveillance and monitoring

Another option for companies that want to stay on top of their security threats and keep a close eye on their systems is to work with a security operations centre. 

Through the use of cutting-edge tools and a dedicated security team, your systems are monitored and you enjoy complete visibility over your network every moment of the day. When threats are detected, this team also investigates and takes the right remedial action to ensure you’re not operating on the back foot. 

According to security intelligence provider, Sqreem, there is a huge need for companies to strengthen their security practices and their ability to respond in real-time. 

Working with a security operations centre helps you tackle emerging security problems before they disrupt your operations or compromise your data.

Work with cybersecurity companies in Australia to secure your operations against cyber threats

No matter whether you prefer to look at the glass half full or half empty, the truth is that we operate in a precarious, risk-ridden environment. 

Cybersecurity is not a luxury only a few can afford; it is a necessity for even the smallest businesses.

By leveraging cutting-edge cybersecurity services and working with trusted cybersecurity companies in Australia, staying ahead of the latest threats and the most common vulnerabilities is easier than ever.